About Fox Murray Home


My name is Abi and I am the designer and maker of the cushions at Fox Murray Home, which are made by me at my kitchen table. 

Whilst sourcing cushions for my job as a buyer for interior designers, I found it disappointing  that many cushion designs referenced patchwork and appliqué patterns, but were being printed and constructed for mass production using man-made fabrics.  I wanted to show how different cushions that were made using the wonderful techniques on which these designs were originally based, both looked and felt.  I also wanted to demonstrate how piecing a cushion together in this way, although it takes longer to produce, adds so much more beauty and integrity to each piece.   It was important to me to make cushions that had less impact on the environment by using natural fibres such as cotton-linens for patchwork, and 100% wools for the appliqué; all of which are strong, luxurious and ultimately bio-degradable.  Additionally any small pieces of fabric left over in the construction of a cushion, I keep to see if they can be utilised in a new design further reducing textile waste.  

Every cushion has been made with a nod to the heritage of patchwork and appliqué styles, but has been given a contemporary update in colour and design.  Each is made with passion for the artistry involved and due to their handmade construction, each will be ever so slightly different to the last, making it unique to you.  

I love to work on bespoke and custom pieces and if you don't quite find what you're looking for, please contact me and I would love to work with you on creating something special.

Thank you, 


Abigail Fox Murray